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Are you paying for views, impressions & clicks in hopes that it converts to a lead? Our New Lead Plan would be a great fit! Agents building a business benefit from this opportunity to build a working pipeline & database. Agents receive warm buyer or seller leads weekly. Agents who’ve paid Zillow, Realtor.com or other expensive long term lead contracts understand this value.  Prospects voluntarily inquire or request more information directly. This opportunity works best for full time licensees.


We have an intelligent AI Voice Assistant to scale automation. Voice & SMS automated drip campaigns will engage your leads quickly until your able to respond. Your contacts will receive voice, email and texts to encourage them to follow up with you. If your contact calls the office, you’ll be able to hear their voice message on your timeline. The days of chasing prospects are over.

Drip Content


Sending the same messages over & over again? Utilize pre made templates that will help you respond to contacts faster without missing anything. Leads must be nurtured to turn into clients and transactions. Utilizing content that will help you stay top of mind will increase conversion. Agents can also monitor their contacts activity with premium Artificial Intelligence even if not subscribed to leads.

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No Set Up Fees, No Contract Required, Cancel Anytime from your account. 


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