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The Culture

Our culture is fit for today’s Top Independent Agents & Team Principals who take ownership of their business. The Agency aligns with REALTOR® Entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid of Technology, Education, Innovation & actively work their business. These Agents don’t have to be convinced that scalable technology & ready built systems create long term sustainablilty.

   The Mission

Our mission is to influence the diversity landscape of luxury & commercial real estate professionals who actively utilize technology to stay forward. The brokerage is best suited for top professionals who want to increase their online business. We’ve also made it very easy to manage your referral business by including profit sharing online so Agents can effortlessly scale residual income. 

The Technology

Agents are able to leverage enterprise level technology with 24/7 technical support. In addition to our proprietary virtual office, we’ve integrated technology with Artificial Intelligence used by over 55,000 business owners & over 100 countries. This isn’t your average real estate software that limits your ability to effectively automate & run a business. Agents are able to Add On buyer & seller leads versus paying for views & impressions that don’t convert to quality leads.

   Profit Sharing

We’ve also made it very easy to manage your referral business by automating profit sharing online so Agents or Affiliates can effortlessly scale residual income for referring Agents.

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