Real Estate Company

Enterprise Technology

Diamond Realty Brokers

SOLD $1,699,000

1124 Moccasin Trl

Loganville, Ga

SOLD $999,900

330 Pinnacle Pointe

Johns Creek, Ga 

SOLD $1,200,000

Tennessee Real Estate

SOLD $1,200,000

1487 Hickory Pointe

Maynardville, TN

SOLD $1,475,000

1124 Radnor Glen

Brentwood, TN

SOLD $1,422,000

1039 Deep Woods Trl

Brentwood, TN

Experienced Brokers

Ready Built Systems

Branded Website

Enterprise Level Technology & Smart CRM

Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning

Prewritten templates with scripts to nuture your database

Real Time Mobile App to manage your database

Automated Forecasting Tools to build & manage a predictable pipeline



Broker & Legal Support

Contract Support

Back Office Support

Manage Your Account Online

Residential & Commercial

Branding, Marketing, Sales

Private Office Support

Get Paid at Closing

E & O, Multiple Listing Service

Board of Realtors Member

Learn More, Earn More

100’s of Online & Offline Courses

Scripts & Live Recordings

Video Tutorials

Training & Education

Broker Contract Review

Sponsored In Class training at MLS & Boards

Class recommendations & Best Practices

Transaction Management

Optional Leads

Lead Automation

AI for lead tracking

Website & Lead Landing Pages

Triggered Automated Voice & SMS

Live Prospect Activity Notifications

No Cold Calling Required

Task Follow Up Automation


All Inclusive – Lead Generation Automation

over a $1,000 monthly value

Marketing & Branding Templates

Guides, Planners & Resources

Licensed in multiple states

without multiple fees

Georgia, Tennessee (Residential & Commercial)

SC, NC, FL (Commercial)

The Back Office provides a wealth of tools & resources in a very sleek format. I’ve seamlessly closed countless commercial & residential deals with Angel’s insightful guidance, value and support.
Thanks again for all your help!
Benjamin Jelsma

Nashville REALTOR

I highly recommend Diamond Realty Brokers. The Broker is dependable & very knowledgeable.

The Customer Relationship Management tools are very effective & easy to navigate.

Tameka Cockrill

Nashville REALTOR

About The Founder

Angel Knight is a 1998 graduate of Georgia State University and has 20+ years of real estate experience.  Angel has sold and managed over $1 Billion in real estate. Angel is licensed in multiple states mainly due to representing developers who build mutli family portfolio’s. Diamond Realty Brokers managed over 4100 real property assets with over $300 Million from Multi Family, Senior Housing, LIHTC Properties, Single Family Corporate Portfolios, REITS & Commercial Real Estate. The brokerage also specializes in commercial, business & luxury real estate. Angel created the brokerage utilizing large enterprise technology & systems for like minded Associates & Brokers to scale their real estate business licensing the brand.

Built for those who enjoy the freedom to work smarter

The exclusive Back Office for Brokers & Teams.

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