Lease New Homes

Lease with the Option to Own

Gain more access to rental inventory by selecting any home on the market whether for sale or lease!

New homes are available to lease up to $400,000.

Our Partners will buy ANY property located in an approved urban/suburban neighborhood located throughout the United States.

Neighborhoods located in good school districts & communities that have a positive return on value are ideal for our partners to purchase.

When you work with me by completing the form below, you’ll automatically receive info on the next steps & how to apply.


Program Guidelines

Proof of annual household income $50,000 minimum.

Must be able to pay at least $1450/mo. in rent.

No evictions or apartment collections in the past 5 years.

Recent Chapter 7 Bankruptcy OK, but must be discharged.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy OK, but must show 6 months of on-time payments.

NO felonies in the past 7 years. Must not be on sex offenders list.


Rent & Purchase Transparency

Any renovations or repairs must be made prior to making an offer.

Paint colors must be neutral.

An annual 5% Right to Purchase is added to recoup closing cost and any repairs or renovations requested by the occupant.

The 5% fee is incurred only IF the occupant exercises the right to purchase.

Occupant deposits will be refunded IF the occupant exercises the right to purchase.


Q. What’s the minimum income requirement?

A. Proof of household income needs to be at least $50,000 annually.

Q. Do I have to buy the home?

A. No you don’t have to buy the home. You’re given the OPTION to buy the home. Minimum lease term 12 months.

Q. What’s the required deposit?

A. The typical deposit amount is equal to 2 months rent. There is also a one time $75 application fee.

Q. What types of homes are for rent?

A. Single family homes & townhomes no greater than $400,000.

Q. How soon can I move in after the home is purchased?

A. Move in within 10 business days from closing date.

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